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SONGMICS HOME is a trusted supplier recognized for its blend of regulatory compliance, advanced production methods, custom solutions, and a dedicated team to deliver award-winning designs and superior customer satisfaction.
Who We Are?
To support everyone in building their dream home

SONGMICS HOME was officially established in 2010. We own 3 major product brands including SONGMICS for home furnishings, VASAGLE for stylish furniture, and Feandrea for pet supplies. With the mission of “Complete Your Dream Home”, we strive to provide global consumers with furnishing products that are “Varied, Valuable and Stylish”, enabling everyone to effortlessly create their dream homes.

To date, our products have successfully entered more than 70 countries and regions, including Europe, North and Central America, and Asia, serving over 20 million families worldwide.

Our History


Created the predecessor of SONGMICS HOME.


Secured the first order in B2B trade.


SONGMICS HOME was officially established.


Established a German company in Dusseldorf and set up a self-owned overseas warehouse, initiating a global expansion of our warehouse network.


Established AMEZIEL in Los Angeles and set up a self-owned overseas warehouse, making a significant move into the North American market.


Established ZIELJP in Osaka, marking its official entry into the Japanese market.


Introduced the furniture brand VASAGLE and the pet supply brand Feandrea.


Established a branch office in Shenzhen.


Established a subsidiary in Dongguan.


Established FURNOLIC, a subsidiary in Coventry and set up a self-owned overseas warehouse.


VASAGLE was named among the Google and Kantar BrandZ™ Rising Stars of Chinese Brands.


Established the brand matrix led by our group brand "SONGMICS HOME", encompassing three major product sub-brands. 

Global Business Landscape

SONGMICS HOME proudly operates subsidiaries in various locations worldwide, including Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan in China; Los Angeles in the USA; Osaka in Japan; Dusseldorf in Germany; and Coventry in the United Kingdom.

Our self-operated warehouse space has surpassed 300,000 ㎡ on a global scale, establishing a comprehensive cross-border warehousing and logistics system. Our products have successively entered more than 70 countries and regions, including Europe, North and Central America, and Asia, serving more than 20 million families worldwide.

Brand Matrix

SONGMICS HOME, our group brand, is the integrated platform for global clients, offering “Varied, Valuable, Stylish” furnishings. We proudly house 3 iconic brands, including SONGMICS for home furnishings, VASAGLE for stylish furniture, and Feandrea for pet supplies. Guided by our mission, “Complete Your Dream Home”, we are dedicated to helping everyone effortlessly create their ideal homes.


SONGMICS, the home furnishings brand of SONGMICS HOME, was established in 2012. In line with our belief “Beyond Basic”, we’re proud to offer a vast range of practical, versatile, and high-quality products—home organization solutions and decor, gardening equipment, outdoor recreation, and fitness gear. Committed to addressing unique household needs, we strive to elevate daily living for families worldwide.


VASAGLE, the stylish furniture brand of SONGMICS HOME, was established in 2018. Guided by our belief in “For Modern Living”, we seamlessly integrate modern functionality and trendy design into our products. Elevate your living spaces with VASAGLE, where style and practicality harmonize effortlessly for customers worldwide.


Feandrea, the pet supply brand of SONGMICS HOME, was established in 2018. Upholding the belief “We Care, We Share”, we offer an expansive collection of multifunctional pet supplies, designed to satisfy both you and your fur friends. Our product range includes solutions for rest, travel, play, and pet waste management, all thoughtfully crafted to blend seamlessly into your home decor. With Feandrea, create a harmonious living space where love and happiness thrive.

Why Choose Us

We deliver expertly tailored solutions to fuel your growth and foster collective success.

Custom Solutions

Custom Furniture, Your Way!

OEM, ODM, Global Brand Distribution

We understand your quest for difference. If our catalogue doesn’t quite match your vision, we’re ready to step beyond. We’re not just suppliers, we’re your creative allies. Let’s collaborate on high-quality, customized furniture for large orders. Your vision, our craftsmanship—together, we’ll create something uniquely yours.

Factory Excellence

Respect Regulatory Integrity

Our factory diligently adheres to all industry regulations, laying a solid foundation of trust. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, staying current with guidelines and standards, ensuring our processes and products consistently meet industry norms.

Maximize Production Capacity

Armed with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced equipment, and a skilled workforce, our factory is primed to handle large-scale orders with ease. We’ve integrated cutting-edge technology and streamlined our manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency.

Deliver on Time, Every Time

We’re not just about crafting products—we’re about delivering them right on schedule. Our efficient production planning, backed by a robust scheduling system and a team of seasoned professionals, ensures swift and precise order fulfillment.

Prioritize Quality Excellence

Quality is embedded in our factory’s ethos. We’ve implemented lean manufacturing principles, continuous improvement initiatives, and regular staff training programs to uphold excellence. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure each product meets high standards.

Expert Team

Professional Design Team

Our group of more than 40 designers, with their skilled and efficient craftsmanship, carve out the distinct identity of our brand. Drawing from a deep well of industry experience, they offer practical solutions, making sure every piece of furniture stands out in the competitive marketplace.

Experienced Sales Team

Our 50+ experienced sales representatives, available 24/7, offer professional, customized solutions to each client. Every interaction embodies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Team

Our robust quality control team of over 60 individuals meticulously monitors and controls product quality. They ensure each furniture piece meets the highest standards of durability, promising superior quality and lasting value when choosing our brand.

Design Awards

SONGMICS HOME has been recognized by over 40 prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award, earning widespread recognition for its design excellence.

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SONGMICS HOME will be your reliable furniture manufacturer. Connect with us for detailed information and tailored business solutions!




No. 198-19 Songshan South Road, Dongfang Building, Suite 701, Erqi District, Zhengzhou


Brauckstr. 51, 58454 Witten


8291 Milliken Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

After-sales Service

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