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“Click” for Joy, Connect for a Home: SONGMICS HOME Officially Launches Public Welfare Project with French Animal Protection Society La SPA

SONGMICS HOME, a global-leading online furnishing brand serving 20 million households worldwide, has joined hands with France’s oldest animal protection organization La Société Protectrice des Animaux (“La SPA”) to officially kick off a long-term public welfare project, the “Click for Joy, Connect for a Home” to assist in the recovery of both the physical and mental health of stray animals, enabling them to build up meaningful connections with humans and ultimately become cherished members of loving families.

SONGMICS HOME’s Donation to La SPA

In November, SONGMICS HOME partnered with the team at La SPA’s animal shelter in Gennevilliers, leveraging the Clickat Collection to create a joyful playground for cats. Subsequently, the company will also donate cat trees to five other animal shelters as well as food and medicines for stray animals.

Clickat Collection & A Cat

“Cats and abandoned animals as a whole, obviously require physical and medical care, but also emotional care, because most of them have experienced abandonment, sometimes have lived on the streets. That’s why they have more difficulty forming a bond. It’s also very important to work on emotional care so that they can be adopted by a family afterward.” said Marjolaine Mathiaud, Manager of Partnerships and Events of La SPA.

 A Whole Set of Clickat Collection at La SPA

Julien, project manager of SONGMICS HOME, noted that SONGMICS HOME is not only committed to building an ideal home for people, but also hopes to help more stray animals find their own loving homes. “We firmly believe that people and pets can live in harmony with each other, and that the companionship and loving interaction with animals can bring infinite joy to our everyday lives,” said Julien.

Two Kittens Playing on Clickat Collection

The Clickat Collection, which SONGMICS HOME donates to La SPA, is an innovative cat wall setting new standards for pet product design, with 15 global patents granted. Through in-depth research on cats’ natural movements and living habits, the invention team of Clickat Collection provides cats and their families with flexibly-extended, environmental-friendly and durable components. So that people can transform the product set into different forms along with various growing paths of cats effortlessly, which could highly satisfy La SPA’s long-term operating demands and practically support their animal-caring projects in the future.

SONGMICS HOME has strived to take on social responsibility for years, trying to use our influence to make a positive impact and give back to the community. We firmly believe that through such collaborative efforts, we can shape a brighter, sustainable and harmonious future between humans and animals.

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