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Together, Live Every Magic Moment: SONGMICS HOME Partners with Emmaüs Défi to Bring Joy and Cheer to People in Need

SONGMICS HOME has celebrated the holiday season by hosting a heartwarming Christmas banquet with Emmaüs Défi, a French organization committed to the social integration of the homeless, on December 14, 2023, in Paris.

Emmaüs Défi states that their mission is to assist people in extreme financial difficulties to find a new purpose for life and rediscover a place in society fitting to their aspirations and abilities, helping them to not only resolve the practical difficulties of job, health, and housing, but also find the motivation to rebuild the stability of their future life path.

Preparations before The Event

The event was themed “Together, Live Every Magic Moment”. Léa Génies, Director of Partnership Development and Communication at Emmaüs Défi, mentioned that the Christmas celebration is significant for the organization because many of the staff members lack the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas meal and festive occasion on their own.

SONGMICS HOME started its cooperation with Emmaüs Défi in September 2023 when it donated all 90 exhibits for the Paris Fashion Week to the “Banque solidaire d’équipement” project of Emmaüs Défi, which was initiated in 2012 by the organization with its partners to provide low-cost, second-hand furniture to people who encounter sudden instabilities in life such as job loss as well as single mothers. Its goal is to help them to settle down with dignity and regain passion for life. To date, the project has supported 27,000 people to improve their living conditions.

Participants’ Wonderful Time

“In this special time of the year, a time for giving, and we appreciate the support of all our partners. Our slogan,”Complete Your Dream Home”, is not just a phrase but a concrete commitment. SONGMICS HOME believes that everyone should be able to aspire to have their dream home, and for people going through difficult times in life, we hope they know that SONGMICS HOME is there to help and support them to regain their hope for life and passion for the home of their dreams,” said Sean Wang, Brand Director of SONGMICS HOME.

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