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Discover the Furniture Future with SONGMICS HOME at INDEX Dubai 2024!

As the world of interior design & furniture is dynamic and ever-evolving, it is essential to master the latest industry trends, innovations, and designs. Therefore, every time there is a leading design & furniture exhibition, SONGMICS HOME is thrilled to participate with top home furniture.

This time, we are excited to announce our upcoming involvement in INDEX Dubai 2024! This furniture exhibition in Dubai has been an international networking platform for professionals in the interior design and home furnishings industry for more than 30 years. So what’s new about the one? Check the latest news in the following sections!


INDEX Dubai 2024: Details for You

From June 4th to 6th, 2024, the INDEX 2024 will unveil its grandeur at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The exhibition is expecting 20,000+ visitors, 400+ exhibitors, and 85+ industry experts/ speakers, promising an immersive experience like no other.

INDEX Dubai 2024 is not just an eagerly awaited hub for valuable communication; it’s also where you can explore a colorful array of interior design trends, from furniture and flooring to lighting and textiles, all under one roof.

At that time, you are more than welcome to visit SONGMICS HOME at Stand No. 3C129. There, we will exhibit different types of furniture that all exemplify innovative creativity and fine craftsmanship.


For this grand furniture exhibition in Dubai, SONGMICS HOME will come with a curated selection of fashion home furniture, all tailored to enhance both form and function in living spaces. Here’s a sneak peek at 4 standout pieces you can expect to see:

  1. Corner Bookshelf

As space utilization is a rather significant topic in home interior design, we propose our ingeniously designed rotating corner bookshelf. It transforms neglected corners into functional spaces. Meanwhile, its owner can still have easy access to items due to the 360-degree rotating feature. With metal partitions and wire elements, this minimalist yet modern design adds an artistic touch to any indoor space, enhancing both practicality and aesthetics.

SONGMICS HOME Corner Bookshelf

  1. Square/Round Steel Coffee Table Set

We will also present square and round steel coffee table sets for relatively small living spaces. Crafted with a streamlined steel frame and a frosted glass tabletop, they seamlessly blend modern design with a cozy ambiance. Ambient lighting integrated into the frame illuminates the room gently through the glass, offering both style and functionality. Its versatile nesting design ensures adaptability to various room layouts, promising enduring elegance and durability.

SONGMICS HOME Square Steel Coffee Table Set

  1. Storage Cabinets

Versatile storage solutions for every space is one of SONGMICS HOME’s focus. For practical storage in style, we will take our new storage cabinet collection to the INDEX Dubai 2024. Embracing a range of sizes and drawer configurations, they cater to diverse space requirements while reflecting a unique style.

Vibrant green and bright yellow square patterns and golden steel accents infuse modernity and vitality into any room, offering not only storage solutions but also aesthetic enhancements. Seamlessly blending style and functionality, these cabinets help keep space organized and clutter-free.

SONGMICS HOME Storage Cabinet

  1. SOPHIA Modular Sofa

The SOPHIA modular sofa is SONGMICS HOME’s one of best home furniture series for comfort, practicality, and style. With its adaptable modular design, it offers flexibility in both small and big living spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend with different home decor.

Its sturdy yet easy-to-assemble structure promises durability, while the smooth curves and the soft bouclé fabric provide a gentle and cozy touch. Whether indulging alone or entertaining guests, this sofa series offers personalized comfort and style for every occasion.

In addition to these 4 functional and fashion home furniture, SONGMICS HOME will exhibit more on the INDEX Dubai 2024, including fashion full-length mirror, versatile shelves (small round shelves, small shelves with wheels, and more), elegant white and gold cabinets, and more. We always prepare the most trendy or classic home furniture for different furniture exhibitions. And this time in Dubai, we are eager to introduce our top furniture pieces to you. 


As INDEX Dubai 2024 approaches, SONGMICS HOME is actively getting ready for this exhibition. For more information, you may follow our social media accounts. If you have any needs, you can contact us to see what we can do for you.

Again, don’t miss out! Visit SONGMICS HOME at Stand No. 3C129 and discover the perfect fusion of elegance, practicality, and coziness for different living spaces. Whether you’re an interior design professional or a design enthusiast, our booth promises inspiration and innovation. We look forward to your visit!


SONGMICS HOME is a top home furniture manufacturer established in 2010. We own three flagship brands: SONGMICS for daily living furniture, VASAGILE for modern living furniture, and Freandrea for pet supplies. Our broad furniture range, hosting 2000+ innovative models, covers both indoor and outdoor furniture that are needed for a dream home.

Our subsidiaries are strategically located across the globe. With a mature logistics infrastructure, our best home furniture has been distributed to 68+ countries and regions. Equipped with advanced factories and talented designers, we offer expert ODM and OEM services. Among our notable partners are Ashley, Home Box, and HomeGoods.

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